In this episode of Guerrilla History, the guys run through some of the long and sordid history of US interventions abroad, whether by the military, the CIA, the IMF, or other even less thought about methods.  The very special guest is Vijay Prashad, Director of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research and author of (among many other vital works) the new book Washington Bullets.  Vijay can be followed on twitter @vijayprashad and the Tricontinental Institute can be followed @tri_continental.  Washington Bullets is available from LeftWord books for a very low price!  You can find it here   Guerrilla History is the podcast that acts as a reconnaissance report of global proletarian history, and aims to use the lessons of history to analyze the present.  If you have any questions or guest/topic suggestions, email them to us at Your hosts are immunobiologist Henry Hakamaki, Professor Adnan Husain, historian and Director of the School of Religion at Queens University, and Revolutionary Left Radio's Breht O'Shea.   Follow us on social media!  Our podcast can be found on twitter @guerrilla_pod, and can be supported on patreon at .  Your contributions will make the show possible to continue and succeed! To follow the hosts, Henry can be found on twitter @huck1995, and also has a patreon to help support himself through the pandemic where he breaks down science and public health research and news at .  Adnan can be followed on twitter @adnanahusain, and also runs The Majlis Podcast, which can be found at and the Muslim Societies-Global Perspectives group at Queens University, .   Breht is the host of Revolutionary Left Radio, which can be followed on twitter @RevLeftRadio and on Libsyn at and cohost of The Red Menace Podcast, which can be followed on twitter @Red_Menace_Pod and on Libsyn .  You can support those two podcasts by visiting and .     Thanks to Ryan Hakamaki, who designed and created the podcast's artwork, and Kevin MacLeod, who creates royalty-free music.                                                

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